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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Rescuing a baby Feral Pigeon That Flew into the canal

Today's wildlife Rescue was a baby feral pigeon it tried to fly but landed into the 
canal and luckily the baby was coming towards me and i put my gloves on and 
pick up the chick and made sure there was no injures. So when I checked all of the 
bird for injures I returned it to the other side to its nest and mum and dad came back it 
after 5 mins

Best Wishes 
Ryan (Swan-Man


  1. HI Ryan great job done. As most bloggers are not robots,can you get rid of it PLEASE. '
    Please prove you're not a robot!!!

    1. Hi

      If you can send me an email at and tell me how to do it ?

  2. Lucky bird that you were there.