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Saturday, 29 October 2011

My I pod Touch Photo's

I have Brought a new wire for my I pod touch so I can drag my Photo's and video of it so here are a couple of my Photo's I have taken..

A Bushnell Camera traps at Brock Wood- taken from my I pod Touch.

A Sunset Photo when i was going for evening walk with my Brother.The sun was going down really fast
you know the saying Red sky at night shepards delight -(its going to be a beautiful morning)

The sun slowing setting on the canal when we were on a night walk.

My Brother trying to spot the Dolphins and Porpoises that were in the Irish sea when we were standing on the great Orme when we were on our filming Trip 2011.

Here is a Photograph of me Filming a Red Deer Stag Feeding and my Brother Mike Took it.