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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across the UK/World-Wide

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across the UK/World-Wide

             Place's                      No. of Swans

    Trentham Garden's & Lake Staffordshire           45

    Nantwich Boating Lake                                     18

    Middlewich Gathering Point                                0 

    Westport Lake Stoke on Trent                           24 

    Winsford Flashes                                                02

     Shakeley Mere                                                  02 (1 Cygnet)

    Tatton Park Knusford                                         010

     Hanley Park Stoke on Trent                                 02
    Neumans Flashes Northwich                                12    
     Lake-Side Doncaster                                           37      
    Winterley Pool Wheelock                                    02 
    Wybunbury Dagfields Anquties                           07
    River Thames                                                      14 
    River Danube Vienna                                          39
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Friday, 17 July 2015

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across Cheshire & Staffordshire

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across Cheshire & Staffordshire
                 Place's                      No. of Swans
    Trentham Garden's & Lake Staffordshire                       35 
    Nantwich Boating Lake                                                15
    Middlewich Gathering Point                                           0 
       Westport Lake Stoke on Trent                                      24 
                                   Winsford Flashes                                                06
                                  Shakeley Mere                                                    04
                                  Tatton Park Knusford                                          07 
                                  Hanley Park Stoke on Trent                                 04
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Trip to WestPort Lake with My Girlfriend

A Trip to WestPort Lake with My Girlfriend

An Adult Greylag comes poses for the Camera.

 Droplet Having A Preen on the lake.

Droplet 2nd yr Male Making A Love Heart Shape with a Female 
2nd yr Female Named Sky. 

Droplet in 2014 this was Flash's Son from 2014.

3 Adult Mutes close together on the lake. 

This is Sally a Female Canada Goose that went 
straight to my Girlfriend instead of me , It was so nice to 
see so been calling her Miss Whisperer ;) 

Sally Seem to like the Pattens on 
my Girlfriends bag Aaww So Sweet.

An Adult Male Mute Swan Named Ice
Looking Head on when i took the Photo.

 This was from the Female that was behind Ice , her name 
is called Flake. As you can tell in the photo the feathers are
just starting to regrow this process takes roughly 
6 Weeks . 

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WestPort Lake with my Girlfriend.
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Next Blog Post:- Part 2. Trip to West-Port Lake


An Update on Flash and Whisper and there Cygnets

3 Months Old and there Growing Flash and Whisper and With Teenage Cygnets now Named Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.
 Flash and Whisper Patrolling the river this Morning with there Family of 
4 Teenage Cygnets Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter. and here they are bellow 

4 Teenage Cygnets Named Spring,Summer,Autumn 
and Winter.

One of the 3 month Cygnets Coming  onto the bank
for Preening Time.

 A friend on Water Who Still know's who me and my brother
are. I sat with the family while my brother was filming Brown

Here's Me the Swan Whisperer of Middlewich/Cheshire 
are Keep an Eye on the cygnets and Also Flash 
and Whisper.

An Autumnal Background Mute Swan Named 

My Brother had His GoPro and Placed the camera 
next to the cygnets and this is what he got;
Flash takes the lead and the one cygnet follows 
Cygnet gets Curious about the strange Camera near the 
water's Edge. 
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Next Post:- My trip over to the West-Port lake

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Swanwatch talks Your Response

I'm thinking of offering Swanwatch talks to schools in the UK and also tourists which may be coming soon.  

So what do you think?

I sent this Question to my friends on my Swanwatch Group and face-book and Also onto Twitter So here was there response.

1. Lorraine cumming:- I think that is a brilliant Idea Ryan, anything that helps educate young people about wildlife can only be a good thing.

2. Alana Walshaw:- Think u should go for it start thinking about what the talk's will include 

3.Damien and Emma:- Great Idea Ryan, i think this is brilliant, the abuse that kids give and put wildfowl through sickens our stomachs everyday. I do passionately believe in the protection of swans, and the pleasure that they give to people. Maybe just maybe if people went out on a limb, like yourself to educate, it might make a difference, however big and small. Love the tourist idea as well, wed personally love to listen to one of your talks.

4.Michelle McDonald:-Think that's a great idea, children especially should be educated more, It's a fab idea Ryan 

5. Lee Rollings:- Hi Ryan,Thats a great idea i would enjoy and
listen to one of your talks.

6. Pete Farrelly fabulous idea.

 7. Janette Renshaw:-Brilliant, school children will love it!

8. Gilsie Eddis:- Great idea!!

9. Ann Sutcliffe:- Great idea Ryan, go for it! 

10.Takaka Debbie:- You are the man to do it!

11. Cathy Norbury:- I think that would be amazing I think your input would be highly valued not only by the children but parents too. I also think you have a broader spectrum of knowledge not only about swans that you could teach regarding British wildlife.

12.Jane Heath: Excellent idea Ryan. Get the kids interested and learning to respect the  swans and all wildlife. You would be an awesome ambassador go for it Hun.  
 13. Tarek Amin:- Great Idea

14. Rachael Webb:- oh yes go for it, you know your stuff so go teach it for sure.

15.Chelsey-May Campbell:- Sounds like a great idea!

16. Nathan James:- Mate I think it's a great idea go for it.

17.Tracy Pike:- I think that's a great idea. Kids of today have no respect for them - perhaps they can educate their parents. I'd be happy to come on board and help. You know am passionate about them. Be good to meet you too.
More Too be Added Soon 
Best Wishes 
Swanwatch Team Leader.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Swans Molting

At this time of year Swans may look in distress, unhappy or be very relaxed sometimes and not wanting to move this is because of moulting.
Typically in July or August each year, during which time they are unable to fly. Breeding pairs do not moult at the same time as they, and any offspring, would be too vulnerable to attack. They are unable to fly for approximately 6 weeks from the time that they lose their flight feathers to the time they have grown new ones.
So don't worry there perfectly fine, imagine if you were able to fly high in the sky with the wind in your beak and suddenly that was taken away from you for a few months I'm sure that would have an affect on you

 Best Wishes Ryan