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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

North wales Photo's

Red Panda @ Welsh Mountain Zoo

Red Fox on the Little Orme Llandudno

Rhyl Beach sunset  @North wales

2 Sanderling feeding 

Sanderling On Walking

Rock Cliff on the Great Orme

Male And Female Linnets @ Gronant North Wales     

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Wildlife seen on Tuesday 24th January.

Wildlife seen on Tuesday 24th January.
Fox Meadow
Blue tits

A Buzzard near my House

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Blue tit In flight                                                                                                        

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Signs of spring 2012

 Yesterday me and my brother went for a walk down by a stream and we were just walking past my brother and I found this Plant, this was defiantly the sign that spring was on the way. I just could not believe it when I saw it, even my brother was surprised.

Sign of Spring is coming to life.

This was the day when i was on Work experience at Northwich, I saw these Thistles.

 Here is a small plant that i saw yesterday, the high river most off made every 
start to re -grow, Also the egg is to see if a fox was to go there but no luck yet.

A Macro Photo I took of Holly Berries, But now there are lots of Blackbirds, Field fares, Red wing they have already eaten nearly all the Berries, So i decided to get a bucket and my Ladder and collect some of the berries and put some on the bird table in  my garden.  
I Found these a few months ago, When i was going for a walk down the canal to see what wildlife i could 
photograph, So i started walking i could see something moving in the long grass, And it was these Fluffy Yellow Duckling, There was about Four of them all together so i decided to sit right next to them and they were just Moving around me and there was one that just sat right next and was not scared. 

These Bulbs in my Garden have Started to grow, so i decided to get a Time lapse Camera and do some slow motion on them and it worked there was lots of sparrows in the background.

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Thursday, 5 January 2012

A Review of Photo's of photography trip to llandudno and North wales Rhyl 2011

A Chough Flying over the sea going to feed the young fledged chicks.
 I took this photo of an adult chough and a young fledgling  practising how to fly.when i was sat on the other side of the wall.
 Young Fledged choughs take to the Sky's on the great orme with there parent it was amazing to watch because they were flying with the thermal because it was a really hot and sunny day with a bit of wind.

 A Sanderling on Rhyl Beach at North wales.

A Fulmar Flying Around the cliff of the Great Orme Llandudno

A Male and Female Linnet at Talacre, Point of Aye.

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Monday, 2 January 2012

Nuthatch at Buzzards Rest 2012

Nuthatch at Buzzards Rest
Today me and my brother decided to go to Buzzards Rest with our 2 one man hides first we put some mix bird seed, peanuts, Insects cubes, so then we got our hides up and and wanted to see what would could at first it was really quiet and nothing was there but after a while there was a few birds around, the first thing that came to investigate first was the robin then the blue tits came behind it.

 This was the nuthatch that came to the bird table, it was flying round 
chasing off his Rivals away from the feeding station.
Nuthatch and Blue Tit Together.

Nuthatch Taking a seed From The Bird table 

There was also a wood pecker in the tree right next to my one man hide, I could see it banging on the tree right at the top, it was making sure there was no danger down where there was feed next the woodpecker glided from the trees and landed on the tree where the feeding station was, I could not believe it flew right in front of us. 

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