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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Migrant/Rare Birds Sighting By YOU the Wildlife and bird enthusiasts !

Hi All Wildlife and bird enthusiasts and animal Lovers!
 Wildlife and bird enthusiasts I Need Your Help to collect rare/migrant birds on your patch !
We have started to collect some from wildlife enthusiasts and we need more.

As you know that Autumn has arrive and all swallows have left and gone back to Africa
all of the Migrant birds are now flying back into the uk and now we have a blog post of where 
all the migrant birds are and how many are coming in everyday. Also it has given Heavy rain and Strong 
Winds coming in so in the next few hours or days there will be rare and migrant birds everywhere!

It can be anything that You the Wildlife and bird enthusiasts have spotted on your patch or
anywhere you have visited we will be doing this everyday and hopefully we will get some amazing 
Rare Birds and Migrants.

You can follow these Wildlife enthusiast at Twitter or even there Wildlife Blogs:

1. Darrell Brown has seen his first 3 F/fares and it was in Co. Durham.
2. Georgia Locock spotted a Great Grey Shrike over Cannock Chase Staffordshire in the Midlands 

3. Highland Nature have seen Several Thousand Field-fares and Red-wings - Strathspey

4. Elaine Clayton found has seen a Wheatear in Herne Bay whilst on Holiday last week also there was snow bunting same place at Herne Bay at Kent before you get to Margate.

5.Alex Jones found a
Hoopoe east side of river Clywd - Rhyl

6. Emma Chambers has seen flock of about 8 long tailed tits In her Garden at
Warminster Wiltshire 

7.Phil Smallwood has seen and noticed his first Field-fares on his farm
Middlewich, Cheshire

8. Michaela Strachan filmed huge flocks of knots and other waders on Morecambe Bay near northwest of England for BBC Autumn-watch 2013

9. Ellis Lucas took a trip to Spurn National Nature Reserve at Yorkshire and he 
watched 1 rare called a Barred Warbler and he said it was showing very well. 
He has also been watching and saw a Siberian Stonechat at Scalby mills, Yorkshire which was showing within a few metres Ellis said he saw a GW Egret and a R-N Phalarope at Fairburn Ings, the Phalarope was a Juvenile.

10. Stuart j mundy found a 1 Great Great Skrike at Harrington
Air Field at Northamptonshire.

11. Chris Bromley has Found and seen a Rare Bird Called a
Cape May Warbler he saw Yesterd

12. Sally Deakin has got a large flock of red-wings/field fares around at the 
moment - Sally said there were at 60+ at Orchard Hopping at Herefordshire.

13. Camo-Dave has seen over 120+ Fieldfares 30+ Red-wings flying over Saltersford Locks at Barton Yesterday he also said they were Heading S-W , Dave also Mentioned they Ringed there first ever Tree Sparrow 

14. Mark Jones has seen a small group of about 40 Starlings starting to gather at 
North Wales Rhos On Sea.

15. Findlay Wilde has seen Fieldfares and redwings about 15 of them in the last few weeks they were at Bank Farm in Moulton . Findlay also added he has been ringing fieldfares before he walks to school the last few days before half term. 

16.  Mendip Wildlife Gdn have Loads of starlings at the moment at herein Westcliff on Sea. 
Also saw at least 30 on the verges of A127 yesterday and were getting at least 20-30 in a flock around houses sitting on roofs. 
28/10/13 - We have another update for the Mendip wildlife Grd they have spotted at least 100+ starlings Mendip Crescent westcliff on Sea. 

November Sighting 2013 

 1.Ellis Lucas - Has seen a Serin and a Short eared owl and also Stone-chats at Flamborough. Also he saw a flock of 20 Pink footed geese at Nosterfield.

 2.Norman Patterson -Has Seen Grey Partridges again today at Sandy lane Widnes in north Cheshire.       

  3. CamoDave - Has seen Loads of Fieldfares & Redwings at Saltersford Locks feeding on berries.     @CamoDave

4.Lu Lovelock- has Spotted and counted a grand total of two this morning, keeping an eye for more of them at Chapter Meadows in Worcester    @LuLoveLock


 A Big Thank-you to has taken part in my new Blog Idea and Look forward to more of you to join in So go out and see what you can find please get in contact with me via Twitter @CWWRyan or Via email  

Remeber I need your Name, Where you saw it , What Bird , 

Also how Many you saw!

Best Wishes 
 Ryan M

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