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Sunday, 10 July 2011

My New Target is to go sea kayaking with porpoises and grey seal at Llandudno

My New Target is to go sea kayaking with porpoises and grey seal at Llandudno
Sea Kayaking 2012 and porpoise with her calf
We Were on Holiday Last week for a few days again and we were sat on the little orme, waiting for the fox to come out and it was a calm sunny day no wind at all and we saw some people fishing on the sea in there kayak's we came up with an idea which was us to try kayaking on the sea and get close to the seals that are on the sea and angel bay Llandudno and to get close to the dolphins and porpoises.
 My Brother Mike spotted this when we were sat on the little orme steps 
were and there was an adult with a calf swimming from the great orme area to rhos on sea.
 A Young Calf With An Adult porpoise

A porpoise spotted by my brother mike from the hill down the bottom near angel bay.

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A Peregrine Falcon Encounter on the little orme

A Peregrine Falcon Encounter on the little orme.
It was a hot and sunny cloudy night and we decided to go on sit on the little orme hill right next to the sea and we were sat taking photographs of the hills and the sea and we both saw something behind us land and then take off before we got to the little orme hill we both saw the Peregrine Falcon flying around both of us but i couldn't get my camera out because i needed a new memory card. It was the peregrine that landed behind us and then it landed far back near some rocks unfortunately  I could not get a close photo of it but i got a picture from far away.

This was where me and my brother saw the Peregrine Falcon
It landed right next to us then flew away on the cliffs.

My Camera was Being annoying because i dropped my camera in the sand that why there are 
little black dots but i did not have the equipment with me to clean it.

Thanks Ryan

Chough fledges great orme part 1 of llandudno wildlife filming trip

Chough fledglings on the Great Orme and Little Orme

Today we decided to get the bus to Llandudno town centre and also to get some dinner and make our way up to the great orme cafe but even before we started to get up the hill we saw 2 separate chough family and they were feeding on the grass hoppers that were sitting on the plants and they were sat 2 metres away from me and mike. I got a few pictures of the choughs in flight and one shot was when the chough few over the sea and the best picture is of the fishing that looked up and the chough was in line with the fishing rod.
A Chough Flying over the sea going to feed the young fledged chicks.

 I took this photo of an adult chough and a young fledgling  practising how to fly.when i was sat on the other side of the wall.

 Young Fledged choughs take to the Sky's on the great orme with there parent it was amazing to watch because they were flying with the thermal because it was a really hot and sunny day with a bit of wind.

Thanks Ryan