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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Arrival Mute Swan Family are Safe for Now !

Good Evening all

Thank-You for Watching 
Best Wishes Ryan M


  1. HI Ryan glad the Swans are safe and loved the vole footage. Ryan, any chance you taking off the 'ROBOT' business please?

  2. When one write a comment, then if says 'prove you are not a robot' by writing down the letter and numbers that are usually very hard to read. Sometimes i have taken 3 goes at it before I get it right and I am NOT a robot!! Most blogger do NOT have this method to control what comment they show on their blogs and they certainly get more people commenting than you do. When I started blogger another blogger told me to get rid of the robot thing and told me how. If you are interesting in doing so, I could probably find the instructions again for you. Email me, addreess is on my blog in the right hand column.