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Tuesday, 17 December 2013


MYself Ryan Mottram Helping Dave Culley at Sparrowhawk Island building a Tawny Owl
Best Wishes 

Friday, 13 December 2013


Mute Swan Meeting Point Swan-watch Count 2013

Thursday 12th December

50  Adult's 

 9 Cygnets

Friday 13th December 2013

41 Adults  

7 Cygnets 

Saturday 14th December 2013

  41 Adults 

7 Cygnets 


Best Wishes 


Thursday, 12 December 2013

All the Swanwatch Action


As the Weather is starting to get colder I decided that i would go and buy some 
Porridge Oats and chopped up apples.

 Our Male Mute Swan Flash looking in the Porridge Oats 
A Curious Mute swan Posing for the Camera , This Swans is with all
the 42 Mute swans are on the canal towpath.
Flash and Snow Enjoying there Breakfast and Favourite
Porridge Oats .
 Mute Swans starting to come in on the Canal Towpath , at least 42 
mute swans here at the moment and more to fly in!

 The Mute Swans Defending there Territory from an arrival 2 Mute swans
adults and 3 Juvenile Cygnet. They went onto the river in the next while 
flash and Snow defending there Territory for the next day!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Merry Christmas to Everyone

A big Message from Swan-watch 2013 and the years to come

A Merry Christmas to Everyone 

From Ryan and Mike , Flash and  Snow 

Merry Christmas 

from Ryan the Swan Whisper and Flash and Snow 

the Mute swans

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Our Christmas anWatch Quiz Coming Soon

 Hi All As you know im a big Fan of Mute Swans and Take care of flash and 
Snow So starting on the 1st of December to the 25th 1st of January we will be 
doing the Quiz.

Best Of Luck to Everyone when the Christmas Quiz Arrives
Very Soon!!
Best Wishes 
Ryan The Swan Whisper 

Please Send me any of your Mute Swan Photo's as I will be having a 
couple of Blogs of your Amazing Mute Swan Photo's
Send them too

Monday, 25 November 2013

Helping Wildlife Filmer Dave Culley Build his Tawny Owl Tower Hide at Sparrowhawk Island also for this dvd

Having my Photo Taken with a BBC Wildlife Filmer maker Dave Culley who lives at Sparrowhawk Island.

Helping Dave Culley doing some Drilling and Screwing the Wood together for the Hide Structure.

 Climbing the Ladder up to where the Tawny Owl Tower 
Hide is.
Looking outwards the Tawny Owl roosting and Nest Hole 
The Sun was Beautiful and Glorious Shining through the Hide 
Dave was at the bottom taking photo's of me in the Tawny Owl 
Hide Tower.

Removing the Sticks that got in my way so that I could 
get the Camouflage Material for the Roof of the Hide.
Looking out of the Tawny Owl Hide while Dave culley 
takes a photo of me.

 Collecting the Camouflage Material that we need 
to put onto of the Tawny Owl Hide. 

Me Filming Dave Culley from the ground while Dave was sat in 
Tawny Owl Tower Hide as he starts to saw the wood.

A Far Shot of me Filming Dave in the Tawny Owl 
Tower Hide.

A Big Thank-you to Dave for letting me Help him and
will look Forward to Helping him with more Wildlife projects 
Thank-you for the Signed copy of your Sparrowhawk DVD.

You can Watch Dave Culley's Webcam at 

Best Wishes Ryan

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Wildlife Sighting of the Week

  1. 5 Kingfishers
  2. Great Spotted Woodpecker
  3. 1 Curlew 
  4. 400 + Field Fare's
  5. 300 + Red Wing
  6. juv black-backed gull 
  7. 23 back headed gulls 
  8. 1 common gull
  9. 8 goosenders
  10. 2 mute swans flash and snow 
  11. 3 tawny owls 
  12. 40 starlings
  13. 15 Mallards
  14. 4 Magpies
  15. 50 rooks 
  16. 4 Ravens
  17. 40 Barnacle Geese * 
  18. 1 Kestrel

 Best Wishes Enjoy your Weekend

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wild Boar and Deer Project 2013!!

Best Wishes Ryan

Will Add More Photo in the next few Weeks !!!!!!

North Wildlife Trust Confilms Mammal Print !!!!

This is What A Roe Deer Looks Like 

Took this Photo on my Patch a few days Ago and sent it 
to the North Wildlife Trusts and They have confirmed the print and it 
is a ROE DEER!!
So a Big for Thank-you too

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A Challenge for me The Swan Whisper to Bond With 42 and More Mute Swans to Arrive!!!

A Challenge for me The Swan Whisper  to Bond With 42 Mute Swans  and still More Mute Swans to Arrive!!!

Thank-You and Best Wishes From 

The Swan Whisper

More Photo's to be Added Very Soon

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Swanwatch Infomation on Mute Swans

Hi Everyone , Here are the mute swan sighting and Info on about each  mute swan, Ive just requested more swans that i have been ringed recently and that are on the data base.


Darvic CCY2  BTO W34073 - Male cygnet.   
Ringed  28/09/12 Bottom Flash, Winsford.                  
Date     Place                         km from origin ­
29/09/2012 Bottom Flash
23/02/2013 Bottom Flash Winsford                                         
27/10/2013 Canal,Middlewich                     4


 Darvic CBB5  BTO W31251 = Second year Female.   
Ringed  11/02/11 Bowden Hall,Rode Heath.                 
Date     Place                                km from origin ­
22/01/2012 Canal,Middlewich                         12
Also :-30/01, 12/04, 19/04, 30/04, 07/05.
02/06/2012 Acre Dell Pools,Somerford Booth,Congleton  7
20/01/2013 Astbury Congleton                          5
31/07/2013 Pennington Flash Leigh                    43
08/09/2013 Canal,Middlewich                          12
Also :-27/10.


Darvic CDB5  BTO W34096 = Female cygnet.   
Ringed  09/11/12 Canal,Middlewich.                       
Date     Place                             
18/11/2012 Canal,Middlewich                                              
21/04/2013 Canal,Middlewich                                              
Also :-03/06, 27/10.


Darvic CBC3  BTO W31258 = Second year Male.   
Ringed  14/02/11 Canal,Middlewich.                      
Date     Place                               km from origin ­
18/02/2011 Canal,Middlewich                                              
Also :-28/02, 12/04.
16/05/2011 Canal,Middlewich                                              
17/08/2011 Newbridge Winsford                    6
14/10/2011 Canal,Middlewich                                              
Also :-11/12.
22/01/2012 Canal,Middlewich                                              
Also :-26/02, 11/04, 25/04, 30/04, 01/05, 01/06, 04/06, 12/06,
25/03/2013 Canal,Middlewich                                              
02/07/2013 Rudheath Canal Northwich              8
14/07/2013 Canal,Middlewich                                              


Darvic CDN3  BTO W28734  Cygnet.       
Ringed  28/11/12 Westport Lake, Stoke.                     SJ855504
Date     Place                                    km from origin ­
05/07/2013 Canal,Middlewich                             21


Darvic CBH5  BTO W31284 Second year Male.   
Ringed  02/06/11 Doddington Mere Nantwich               
Date     Place                                        km from origin ­
04/08/2011 Doddington Mere Nantwich                                      
Also :-29/09, 13/10, 21/10, 07/11, 24/11, 09/12, 22/12.
03/02/2012 Doddington Mere Nantwich                                       
18/03/2012 Acre Dell Pools,Somerford Booth,Congleton       22
Also :-14/04, 02/06.
14/06/2012 Doddington Mere Nantwich                                      
Also :-02/07, 15/07, 03/08, 21/08.
18/11/2012 Canal,Middlewich                                18
Also :-09/12.
02/08/2013 Pennington Flash Leigh                          52
27/10/2013 Canal,Middlewich                                 8


Darvic CFD0  BTO W36836 = Male of unknown age.   

Ringed  27/10/13 Canal, Middlewich.
Date     Place                                             ­
28/10/2013 Canal,Middlewich                                     


Darvic CCD2  BTO W32589 – Second year Male.   
Ringed  09/01/12 Hankelow Mill,Nr. Audlem.               
Date     Place                                km from origin ­
10/01/2012 Hankelow Mill,Nr. Audlem                                      
21/04/2013 Canal,Middlewich                         20
Also :-14/07.
16/07/2013 Browns Moss,Whitchurch                   10


Darvic CCD3  BTO W32590 = Second year Female.   
Ringed  06/01/12 Hankelow Hall Pools,Audlem.             
Date     Place                             km from origin ­
07/01/2012 Hankelow Mill,Nr. Audlem              1
27/04/2012 Doddington Mere Nantwich              4
Also :-11/05, 27/05, 12/07, 21/08.
01/01/2013 Nantwich Boating Lake                 6
Also :-14/01, 05/02.


 Best Wishes Ryan M 
Swan-watch 2013-2014


Saturday, 16 November 2013

A 19 Mile Walk from Northwich Marbury park to Middlewich Trent and Mersey

 A Puppy called Poppy on the canal yestersay was running the oppisite way 
from where it was walking and was barking at me and just decided to sit down 
and just watch me.Everytime i tried to move she would run off her owner was calling her 
but more interested sitting there
The Closer i have ever been to a juvenile Grey Heron it was sat on the 
bank on the Trent & Mersey Canal.
A Kestrel Perched on lamp post looking down in the vegetation looking for 
mice and voles.
 A Small Murmaration of Starling on the trent and mersey canal , at first i thought
 they were Waxwings.
A Adult Grey Heron on the Sparrow-Hawk Island. Perched on the Hunts Lock.

One of the Boater who i knew from Middlewich , Offered me
a lift for 1 mile and I said yes Thank-you so I jumped and
went we went and he had 2 dogs called Buster and Jessie. Bellow
there is a Photo of Jessie Posing for the camera.

Do you remeber in 2010 on BBC Springwatch when chris went to visit and was
walking along and talking, well I was in the excate place
where Chris Packham has Been.

And Finally A Mute swan Reflection taking off after a Canal and river
boat comes towards them.

 83 Miles To Shadlow

Ryan -The Swan Whisper