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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mute swans Defend there Territory from arrivals

Check out Snow the Mute Swan Challenging 3 Cygnets while Flash Is chasing the 
2 adult swans on the bank.

As you know I'm a big Lover of Mute Swans , I spend most of
my time with the two local Mute Swan Flash and Snow. It doesn't bother me if the
weather is Windy heavy rainy, Heavy Snow and Gales etc. I call them over or whistle can they come 
straight over. Yesterday i was with them and I gave them an apple didn't take them long to 
eat them 5 mins it took. and i got Accept by flash and Snow. 
It's nice to go down on the canal and Spend some time with flash and Snow and people say to me 
your doing an excellent job looking after them everyday.

Thanks For Watching!
Best Wishes Ryan M

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