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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sea Kayaking 2011 and porpoise with her calf
We Were on Holiday Last week for a few days again and we were sat on the little orme, waiting for the fox to come out and it was a calm sunny day no wind at all and we saw some people fishing on the sea in there kayak's we came up with an idea which was us to try kayaking on the sea and get close to the seals that are on the sea and angel bay Llandudno and to get close to the dolphins and porpoises.
 My Brother Mike spotted this when we were sat on the little orme steps
were and there was an adult with a calf swimming from the great orme area to rhos on sea.
 A Young Calf With An Adult porpoise

A porpoise spotted by my brother mike from the hill down the bottom near angel bay.They were just amazing to
watch never seen just heard people saying they have seen them.

 My Brother Keeping a good eye out for the Porpoises, Dolphins and the Gannets

on the north wales coast Llandudno, Great Orme

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Rhyl September 2011 Waders and Sunsets Shots

We arrived at the caravan on Sunday, the weather was warm with blue sky and not much cloud. We Decided to have a rest before we went down to the beach, The sea was calm and the seagulls were all over the place. So we made our way to hortons nose Rhyl  but the road was closed because they were make a big bicycle route over the sea and it will take 12 months to complete so we found a another way round to see if we could find any lizards,  But when we started to leave we saw two Lizards Sat on a Stone so we sat on the fence and did a timelapes of the sea coming in closer and the clouds moving really fast.Next we went back to the beach to see if the waders were there and there was about 4 Sanderlings they were really close it was amazing.
A Sanderling Running In Front of me and my Brother.
Here is a Photo of 2 Sanderling on Rhyl Beach By the sea, They were Feeding Right Next To us i had to keep really still.Also the tide was push them closer but some people were walking were they were and they flew off down the other side of the beach.

I took This when i was sitting on the sea wall waiting for the sun to go down 
also we were doing a timelapes of the sun setting down behind the great orme in Llandudno, It was making me all warm and all the waders were flying over the sea e.g Cormorants Flying to there roosts on the great and little Ormes.

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Wildlife Seen on my trip into Work.

Wildlife Seen on my trip into Work.

2 Ravens

Grey Heron



Field fares

Great Tits


Blue tits





Birds in my Garden Today

Birds in my Garden Today
  1. Blue Tits
  2. Sparrows 
  3. Blackbirds
  4. Wood Pigions
  5. Collared Doves
  6. Jackdaws
  7. Mouse
  8. Robin
  9. Dunnock 
Here are a few Photos of the wildlife that comes into my Garden :-
The Robin Posing on the Fence in My Garden.            

Blue Tit Sat on the Hedge Branches
Adult Wood Mice Check outs Meal Worms

Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Best Photo's of 2011

My Best Photo's of 2011
A Redshank on a Rock Llandudno, there were about 7 redshanks, Oystercatchers, Turnstones
and a cormorant diving in the sea.

A Swallow Gliding through the air catching Insects for
there young.

 A Family of swans that were on the river

The Young Red Deer Stag waiting for a Challenge at Tatton Park Knusford.

Please sir can I have my Meal worms, As you can see he has a tag on his leg.
He Taps on the window to get your attention

long walk in the Country side

Today me and my brother decided to go for a long walk to a local woodland in my local patch and also to look under each to see if there were any signs of otter in the area  so i had to the look on the stones on the edge of the water there was stones and I saw some old spraint and told my brother. Next we decided to go into the wood where there was lots of vegetation for any mammal or bird species.

Then I was looking for any fresh footprints that were in the thick mud and my brother said otter footprints and I looked down on the mud and saw one of them had 5 toes so my brother got out the equipment for the plaster of paris. So while my brother was doing that i decided to do my own experiment  and get one of the spraints and place it in another location where we think there is another otter pasting by. So it was the next morning i went down and checked to see if there was any new spaint and i couldn't see any so i decided to go to flashes to see if the barnacle geese had arrived yet and there was 2 gooseanders and a few mallard that were flying into land.

So then I looked a bit closer on the land and saw a large flock of canda geese. I decided to search and look on the other side to see if the otter was coming or going. The distance from my patch to the countryside is 1 mile a way because there are different habitats to look for eg. Tawny owl wood where there owlets learn how to fly and how to hunt when they are older. Also there is a little stream which flows into the canal then to a small woodland area.

A Winter Walk Down the Canal.

 A Winter Walk Down the Canal.
The canal was frozen this morning so i decided to go feed the ducks at my local  canal and i decided to take my camera and do some Wildlife photography. So I stopped and got my camera out and got a beautiful shot off a male mallard with its wings wide with the water drops in mid air. So then i moved on a little bit more and I stop and listened it was very distinctive bird noise and i looked around in the tree that were nearby and i saw my first look at the migrant Waxwings and there were about 15-20 in the tree above where i was standing.  

Today i decided to stay in my garden and do wildlife photography so i sat on the step and waited but there was no bird food that was on the bird table and i stood still and looked to my right on the bird table and there was a furry mammal sat on there eating the bird seeds. so then i decided to go a little bit closer and then it ran off and then when it i stood a little bit closer and i saw 2 wood mice jumping up the wood and eating the fat ball that i placed to see what will go on there.
This morning i decided to go see if i could find the waxwings that i photographed the other day so i went out down the canal and i fed the ducks first and then i tried to find where the waxwings got to. So then I decided to go to the flashes to see if there were any migrant ducks then i quickly turned my head to the right and i saw 2 gooseanders a male and a female heading down on the river Dane. I then decided to go the other way to where i live and i saw the waxwings eating the rowan berries in the tree. So then i went home to get my camera and then went to get some photo's of them and i was stood by the road and there was about 15-20 and it was going dark really quick then i looked up and there was any big group of waxwings in the second group i think there was about 30 and next they all went to roost.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

My I pod Touch Photo's

I have Brought a new wire for my I pod touch so I can drag my Photo's and video of it so here are a couple of my Photo's I have taken..

A Bushnell Camera traps at Brock Wood- taken from my I pod Touch.

A Sunset Photo when i was going for evening walk with my Brother.The sun was going down really fast
you know the saying Red sky at night shepards delight -(its going to be a beautiful morning)

The sun slowing setting on the canal when we were on a night walk.

My Brother trying to spot the Dolphins and Porpoises that were in the Irish sea when we were standing on the great Orme when we were on our filming Trip 2011.

Here is a Photograph of me Filming a Red Deer Stag Feeding and my Brother Mike Took it.