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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Spring 2013


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Monday, 25 February 2013

North Wales Wildlife on The coast

This photo shows a raven flying on the little orme 
to the cliffs with a large stick in its beak.

Llandudno Promanade , the sky went really clear as the sun 
started to set.

The Glousious and Beautiful Little Orme as the Sun starts to sets 
the little orme starts to shine.

A Mute Swan at West Shore at Llandudno near by the 
great orme , we were filming them underwater with 
a camera called the go pro.

Sunset on a seagull sat in the pool near by the cafe 
which is closer to the little orme.

 Two Jackdraws at the Great Orme Cafe , one of the jackdaw
I took it when it was gliding through the wind.

A far view from Rhos on sea to the
Little Orme with the calm blue sea and the blue sky and

Also at Rhos on sea there was a few rocks right in front of me
was this Spotted Redshank sat in the Afternoon Sunshine with Sandings,
Oystercatchers, Turnstones and many more on the North Wales Coast.

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Friday, 22 February 2013

A Visit to Dailypost North wales and To Conwy Rspb

Taken by Debbie James at the Dailypost North wales Llandudno Junction at 
Conwy. Me and Antonia Jones sat next each other next to a fox Skull that I found at the RSPB 
Conwy Reserve.

 A Shelduck at the Rspb Conwy , Coming in to land with the 
houses blurred into the background.

 One of the Wild Horses at the RSPB Conwy looking 
right at me with the lakes in the background.

A Curlew at rhos on sea in the morning before I went to get
the bus to Conwy.

A seagull in flight flying in the sky with the blue background at
llandudno Promanade

A Jackdaw sat on the wall on the llandudno Cafe
on the Great Orme, The weather was perfect for taking photos
and there was not much wind at all and the sea was calm so it was
perfect for spotting any dolphins and porpoises.

A Far View from the great orme to the Little Orme with the sea calm
and the sun shining and birds singing.

Grey Seal Colny at a secret location.There must of 45 Grey seals
and about 10 grey seal pups

I took this photo on the great orme of two fulmar getting ready for the
nesting season which is another sign that spring has arrived.

A Kestral Hovering overing over conwy RSPB.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

A Sunny Wildlife Day After snow

I was Walking down the Canal and i noiceted this little 
Colourful Bird which is the Goldcrest , it was feeding the new buds that
have just started to grow . This is the first one i have seen for 2013.

A Canada Goose on the canal , but snow and flash 
were have no of of it , and chased them all off onto the bank. 

My New Pond that i have started , Hopefully can get it finished 
at the Weekend before i go away to llandudno , North wales for 1 week.

A Male Pheasant flying over the canal , it was chasing another male that 
was in this area. 

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wildlife and Spring

Flash the Mute Swan Has started being Territoral and chasing the Canada
Geese , and also Snow his Mate is doing the same.

Snow and Flash Posing for there Photograph to 
be taken Flash the male swan Loves to pose and Snow just 
like eating plenty of Cornflakes.

Everyday Snow the Mute Swan comes to me each day and does 
a greeting call to me , so i do the greeting call back to here then give her 
breakfast and then she follows all the way to here nesting site were 
flash the male will be waiting and defending his territorty from 
other Mute Swans that fly into land.

Also I Spotted this water rail feeding on our Wildlife Bird Feeding 

 A Red Robin Perched on tree branch
Lambs Tails but a closer Shot by Macro.

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