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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Could This Be the Water Vole Poo - Water Vole Survey - Weeks all together on one page

Day2 : Water Vole Survey -Could This Be the Water Vole Poo 


I will be Over the Moon if these are from a water vole , My next attempt will be sitting in my hide and getting a photo of the Water vole which will be tomorrow Day 3 on my Misson to get a Photo and film them 

Day 3 Water Vole Survey : Found Fresh Poo on one of the apples I have Placed down 
Went and got some more apples and Placed them in the same Places hopefully next week I will be sitting in my Hide.

Day 4 - On the Search to get a Photo of the Water Vole On my local Area 

Day 5 
In the Search of the Rare Water Vole  -In Photos
My New Area on the Canal where I am Going to wait for 
the Rare Water Voles!
What Could the Poo be A Water Vole , Same size as Tic Tac's
 dark green.

Day 6 - Measuring the Poo
 Measuring the Dark Green Tic Tac size poo on the right next to the
ruler. A friend said it was between 8 to 12 mm and its 8mm on the photo.
Another apple that i checked and a water vole could of been
eating as the apple when i arrived was in the Water.

The Equipment all set up onthe Sofa for this Mornings
Survey Search for the Rarest Declining Mammal
the Water Vole .

Best Wishes 

Ryan M

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