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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Wildlife rescues this year 2013


Wednesday 11th 2013

Injured Falconry Kestrel - Harbutt's Field Middlewich
A Friend knocked at my Door and said do you what to look after a Injured Kestrel Until the Rspca come collect in the Morning but i have no where to put it so we went to the Local Vets In Middlewich Willows
      An Injured Falconry Kestrel , that Cannot Fly, picked it up and took to his Garage and put into a box and then came to me and and i carried and help take it to the local Vets and they took it off us so the Rspca can take tomorrow.

Thursday 29th 2013
A Stray Jack Russel Terrier - Location Big Pub Middlewich 

I was sat doing some Blog and I saw this dog running around over the bridge , so i asked a few people that were around if they had lost there dog and they said it has been running around a few days. So i went to see if i could catch the dog but it wasn't easy as i thought because it was very scared and very hungry. luckily had some dog biscuits on me and managed to grab and have a closer look. There was no collier on it but what i did notice there was an infection on its tail. Luckily there was a Cheshire East Worker coming towards me and I asked if he could ring the Local Dog Warden come and collect. So i left him to wait with the dog so they could collect it from him.

Thursday 23th August 
Cat Black and White with Grey 
I had a report that there was a Injured cat down near a bypass near by the canal, So i went to investigate and check it out. When i arrived at the scene i could see the cat sat in the bush ,the cat was very scared and was trying run away. I got my Gloves on and picked the cat up . My friend Fionna was walking her dog and i ask if she would help take the cat to the vets. I carried half way and the cat suddenly turned on and bit me on my Thumb 7 Times my thumb was bleeding really bad so i asked her to take the cat and i took dog, so she put it in a box and we went to the Local vets Willows and they said it was broken and it had a broken Pelvis and they check to see had a chip and it did it was someone from Middlewich and they took off our hands. 

Best Wishes Ryan

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