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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Autumn Strong Winds brings birds

 I was walking along the canal on my second walk around my willdife
patch and I spotted this Black-headed gull and when I zoomed in I noticed it has no
foot. So I decided to call him stumpy . I will try and catch up with every day and keep 
you in formed to where he is.
Also on patch this morning were 40 to 50 lapwings all trying to fly in the gales 
force winds and they were mixed in with 100 gulls ,I tried to get some photo's of the gulls 
that were sat in the farmers field, Also the Oyster-catcher is staying around. But whist i was photographing the lapwings i noitced to the left of me that there was not one Oyster-catcher there was 2 put there beaks in the mud.

I managed to get a photo of the lapwing's gliding in the strong winds while
the heavy rain went off , there must of been about 50 of lapwings all flying in the air , but as soon
as the Heavy Rain Came back they went at the back into the fields and started to have a quick
bath the water.

Here is a far photo of the lapwing on patch having a quick bath , before
they go off to feed in the fields , they were going crazy , The flaping off there wings
as they came over my head.

As the rain went off this morning I stopped an look left to right into the trees
and Listened it was silent , but then all of a sudden long tailed tits and mix of birds went
crazy something was telling me that there was a bird of prey or they knew that it was going to rain.

More to Come soon
Best Wishes Ryan

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