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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Whats on My Patch

Hi , Here is the update of what wildlife and birds are on my patch also with a Few Photo's too

  1. Kingfishers 
  2. 3 Ravens doing there display's in the Sky 
  3. 4 Buzzards 
  4. 14 Swallows getting ready to leave for that long flight to Africa 
  5. 3 Grey Herons fishing on the Canal 
  6. Mute Swans Flash & Snow 
  7. Coots and Moorhen 
  8. Water Rails on the canal Banks feeding on elder berries
  9. Otter Prints and Otter Spraint in the sand

I Decided to go down to the river bank and go see if there was any fresh Otter
Spraint nearby and there was two of them one was covered in sand and the other one was
uncovered which you can see on the Photo above. Also I found some Fresh Otter Prints going 
towards where I found the Otter Spraint. But if you didn't know and you wanted to found out Otter spraint 
smells of pure Lavender and has fish scales and Mink is a tar smell and is all Black.

        Swallows are gathering on my wildlife Patch more and more Everyday , 
          Today's count there was just over 200+ Flying around and preening there  
feathers waiting for all the others Swallows to arrive.

                                Meet Flash the Male Mute Swan and he has a mate called Snow , I
                               go and see them everyday and take some photoshoots of them both sitting together
                               on the bank. 

 Best Wishes Ryan

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