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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Kingfisher and Flash Mute swan

Kingfisher Perched On tree Branch on my local canal , There must of been about 
3. I was Photographing elderberries in the tree and I heard a noise to my right hand side and saw 
a flash of Blue as soon as I saw the blue I knew what it was straight away i turned to my right as slow as a snail and started to take photo's of the Kingfisher , but then a canal boat came around the corner and the kingfisher flew up and sat in the tree with 2 more of them , I couldn't believe how close i was stood must of been about 4 or 5 meters away. 

 On my way back I managed to see the Kingfisher fly right in front of me also in his beak was a fish it must of been for a female Kingfisher. It landed in front of me on a post then it saw me slightly move and it was off straight away. 

 The Grey Heron was also hunting on the canal but this was a lot further down, Luckily i had my
waterproof trousers on and was lying on the floor , i couldn't move at all ,one move and it would fly. As I waited a canal boat did the work for me and made the Grey Heron Take off , As I was hiding in the Undergrowth on the canal path the boat didn't see me either.

Flash our Male Mute Swan Posing for this Weekly Photo Shoot down on the canal. Meanwhile Snow the Female Swan with no tag was Preening her Feathers and and watching Flash was his Photo Taken . I requested Info or flash and is 16 yrs Old. I couldn't realize that he was that old.

Best Wishes Ryan

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  1. HI Ryan Well that was a bit off excitement when the Kingfisher turned up and you were able to photograph it and then got it in flight. Well done. Great shot of the Heron as well.