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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Sea Kayaking 2011 and porpoise with her calf
We Were on Holiday Last week for a few days again and we were sat on the little orme, waiting for the fox to come out and it was a calm sunny day no wind at all and we saw some people fishing on the sea in there kayak's we came up with an idea which was us to try kayaking on the sea and get close to the seals that are on the sea and angel bay Llandudno and to get close to the dolphins and porpoises.
 My Brother Mike spotted this when we were sat on the little orme steps
were and there was an adult with a calf swimming from the great orme area to rhos on sea.
 A Young Calf With An Adult porpoise

A porpoise spotted by my brother mike from the hill down the bottom near angel bay.They were just amazing to
watch never seen just heard people saying they have seen them.

 My Brother Keeping a good eye out for the Porpoises, Dolphins and the Gannets

on the north wales coast Llandudno, Great Orme

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