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Thursday, 29 December 2011

long walk in the Country side

Today me and my brother decided to go for a long walk to a local woodland in my local patch and also to look under each to see if there were any signs of otter in the area  so i had to the look on the stones on the edge of the water there was stones and I saw some old spraint and told my brother. Next we decided to go into the wood where there was lots of vegetation for any mammal or bird species.

Then I was looking for any fresh footprints that were in the thick mud and my brother said otter footprints and I looked down on the mud and saw one of them had 5 toes so my brother got out the equipment for the plaster of paris. So while my brother was doing that i decided to do my own experiment  and get one of the spraints and place it in another location where we think there is another otter pasting by. So it was the next morning i went down and checked to see if there was any new spaint and i couldn't see any so i decided to go to flashes to see if the barnacle geese had arrived yet and there was 2 gooseanders and a few mallard that were flying into land.

So then I looked a bit closer on the land and saw a large flock of canda geese. I decided to search and look on the other side to see if the otter was coming or going. The distance from my patch to the countryside is 1 mile a way because there are different habitats to look for eg. Tawny owl wood where there owlets learn how to fly and how to hunt when they are older. Also there is a little stream which flows into the canal then to a small woodland area.

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