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Monday, 2 January 2012

Nuthatch at Buzzards Rest 2012

Nuthatch at Buzzards Rest
Today me and my brother decided to go to Buzzards Rest with our 2 one man hides first we put some mix bird seed, peanuts, Insects cubes, so then we got our hides up and and wanted to see what would could at first it was really quiet and nothing was there but after a while there was a few birds around, the first thing that came to investigate first was the robin then the blue tits came behind it.

 This was the nuthatch that came to the bird table, it was flying round 
chasing off his Rivals away from the feeding station.
Nuthatch and Blue Tit Together.

Nuthatch Taking a seed From The Bird table 

There was also a wood pecker in the tree right next to my one man hide, I could see it banging on the tree right at the top, it was making sure there was no danger down where there was feed next the woodpecker glided from the trees and landed on the tree where the feeding station was, I could not believe it flew right in front of us. 

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