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Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Winter Walk Down the Canal.

 A Winter Walk Down the Canal.
The canal was frozen this morning so i decided to go feed the ducks at my local  canal and i decided to take my camera and do some Wildlife photography. So I stopped and got my camera out and got a beautiful shot off a male mallard with its wings wide with the water drops in mid air. So then i moved on a little bit more and I stop and listened it was very distinctive bird noise and i looked around in the tree that were nearby and i saw my first look at the migrant Waxwings and there were about 15-20 in the tree above where i was standing.  

Today i decided to stay in my garden and do wildlife photography so i sat on the step and waited but there was no bird food that was on the bird table and i stood still and looked to my right on the bird table and there was a furry mammal sat on there eating the bird seeds. so then i decided to go a little bit closer and then it ran off and then when it i stood a little bit closer and i saw 2 wood mice jumping up the wood and eating the fat ball that i placed to see what will go on there.
This morning i decided to go see if i could find the waxwings that i photographed the other day so i went out down the canal and i fed the ducks first and then i tried to find where the waxwings got to. So then I decided to go to the flashes to see if there were any migrant ducks then i quickly turned my head to the right and i saw 2 gooseanders a male and a female heading down on the river Dane. I then decided to go the other way to where i live and i saw the waxwings eating the rowan berries in the tree. So then i went home to get my camera and then went to get some photo's of them and i was stood by the road and there was about 15-20 and it was going dark really quick then i looked up and there was any big group of waxwings in the second group i think there was about 30 and next they all went to roost.

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