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Thursday, 12 December 2013

All the Swanwatch Action


As the Weather is starting to get colder I decided that i would go and buy some 
Porridge Oats and chopped up apples.

 Our Male Mute Swan Flash looking in the Porridge Oats 
A Curious Mute swan Posing for the Camera , This Swans is with all
the 42 Mute swans are on the canal towpath.
Flash and Snow Enjoying there Breakfast and Favourite
Porridge Oats .
 Mute Swans starting to come in on the Canal Towpath , at least 42 
mute swans here at the moment and more to fly in!

 The Mute Swans Defending there Territory from an arrival 2 Mute swans
adults and 3 Juvenile Cygnet. They went onto the river in the next while 
flash and Snow defending there Territory for the next day!

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