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Saturday, 16 November 2013

A 19 Mile Walk from Northwich Marbury park to Middlewich Trent and Mersey

 A Puppy called Poppy on the canal yestersay was running the oppisite way 
from where it was walking and was barking at me and just decided to sit down 
and just watch me.Everytime i tried to move she would run off her owner was calling her 
but more interested sitting there
The Closer i have ever been to a juvenile Grey Heron it was sat on the 
bank on the Trent & Mersey Canal.
A Kestrel Perched on lamp post looking down in the vegetation looking for 
mice and voles.
 A Small Murmaration of Starling on the trent and mersey canal , at first i thought
 they were Waxwings.
A Adult Grey Heron on the Sparrow-Hawk Island. Perched on the Hunts Lock.

One of the Boater who i knew from Middlewich , Offered me
a lift for 1 mile and I said yes Thank-you so I jumped and
went we went and he had 2 dogs called Buster and Jessie. Bellow
there is a Photo of Jessie Posing for the camera.

Do you remeber in 2010 on BBC Springwatch when chris went to visit and was
walking along and talking, well I was in the excate place
where Chris Packham has Been.

And Finally A Mute swan Reflection taking off after a Canal and river
boat comes towards them.

 83 Miles To Shadlow

Ryan -The Swan Whisper 

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