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Monday, 25 November 2013

Helping Wildlife Filmer Dave Culley Build his Tawny Owl Tower Hide at Sparrowhawk Island also for this dvd

Having my Photo Taken with a BBC Wildlife Filmer maker Dave Culley who lives at Sparrowhawk Island.

Helping Dave Culley doing some Drilling and Screwing the Wood together for the Hide Structure.

 Climbing the Ladder up to where the Tawny Owl Tower 
Hide is.
Looking outwards the Tawny Owl roosting and Nest Hole 
The Sun was Beautiful and Glorious Shining through the Hide 
Dave was at the bottom taking photo's of me in the Tawny Owl 
Hide Tower.

Removing the Sticks that got in my way so that I could 
get the Camouflage Material for the Roof of the Hide.
Looking out of the Tawny Owl Hide while Dave culley 
takes a photo of me.

 Collecting the Camouflage Material that we need 
to put onto of the Tawny Owl Hide. 

Me Filming Dave Culley from the ground while Dave was sat in 
Tawny Owl Tower Hide as he starts to saw the wood.

A Far Shot of me Filming Dave in the Tawny Owl 
Tower Hide.

A Big Thank-you to Dave for letting me Help him and
will look Forward to Helping him with more Wildlife projects 
Thank-you for the Signed copy of your Sparrowhawk DVD.

You can Watch Dave Culley's Webcam at 

Best Wishes Ryan


  1. Great stuff Ryan... looks like you had a great time. I know that area so well as I used to walk passed every day on my way to school at Sir John Deane's.

    1. Thank-You Andrew , It was great fun helping Dave Culley ,Hopefully there will be more projects with him very soon