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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Signs of spring 2012

 Yesterday me and my brother went for a walk down by a stream and we were just walking past my brother and I found this Plant, this was defiantly the sign that spring was on the way. I just could not believe it when I saw it, even my brother was surprised.

Sign of Spring is coming to life.

This was the day when i was on Work experience at Northwich, I saw these Thistles.

 Here is a small plant that i saw yesterday, the high river most off made every 
start to re -grow, Also the egg is to see if a fox was to go there but no luck yet.

A Macro Photo I took of Holly Berries, But now there are lots of Blackbirds, Field fares, Red wing they have already eaten nearly all the Berries, So i decided to get a bucket and my Ladder and collect some of the berries and put some on the bird table in  my garden.  
I Found these a few months ago, When i was going for a walk down the canal to see what wildlife i could 
photograph, So i started walking i could see something moving in the long grass, And it was these Fluffy Yellow Duckling, There was about Four of them all together so i decided to sit right next to them and they were just Moving around me and there was one that just sat right next and was not scared. 

These Bulbs in my Garden have Started to grow, so i decided to get a Time lapse Camera and do some slow motion on them and it worked there was lots of sparrows in the background.

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