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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across the UK/World-Wide

Mute Swan Gathering Points Across the UK/World-Wide

             Place's                      No. of Swans

    Trentham Garden's & Lake Staffordshire           45

    Nantwich Boating Lake                                     18

    Middlewich Gathering Point                                0 

    Westport Lake Stoke on Trent                           24 

    Winsford Flashes                                                02

     Shakeley Mere                                                  02 (1 Cygnet)

    Tatton Park Knusford                                         010

     Hanley Park Stoke on Trent                                 02
    Neumans Flashes Northwich                                12    
     Lake-Side Doncaster                                           37      
    Winterley Pool Wheelock                                    02 
    Wybunbury Dagfields Anquties                           07
    River Thames                                                      14 
    River Danube Vienna                                          39
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