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Saturday, 11 July 2015

A Trip to WestPort Lake with My Girlfriend

A Trip to WestPort Lake with My Girlfriend

An Adult Greylag comes poses for the Camera.

 Droplet Having A Preen on the lake.

Droplet 2nd yr Male Making A Love Heart Shape with a Female 
2nd yr Female Named Sky. 

Droplet in 2014 this was Flash's Son from 2014.

3 Adult Mutes close together on the lake. 

This is Sally a Female Canada Goose that went 
straight to my Girlfriend instead of me , It was so nice to 
see so been calling her Miss Whisperer ;) 

Sally Seem to like the Pattens on 
my Girlfriends bag Aaww So Sweet.

An Adult Male Mute Swan Named Ice
Looking Head on when i took the Photo.

 This was from the Female that was behind Ice , her name 
is called Flake. As you can tell in the photo the feathers are
just starting to regrow this process takes roughly 
6 Weeks . 

Thank-you for Reading Part 1. of Trip to 
WestPort Lake with my Girlfriend.
From SwanWatch News 

Next Blog Post:- Part 2. Trip to West-Port Lake


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