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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wildlife and Spring

Flash the Mute Swan Has started being Territoral and chasing the Canada
Geese , and also Snow his Mate is doing the same.

Snow and Flash Posing for there Photograph to 
be taken Flash the male swan Loves to pose and Snow just 
like eating plenty of Cornflakes.

Everyday Snow the Mute Swan comes to me each day and does 
a greeting call to me , so i do the greeting call back to here then give her 
breakfast and then she follows all the way to here nesting site were 
flash the male will be waiting and defending his territorty from 
other Mute Swans that fly into land.

Also I Spotted this water rail feeding on our Wildlife Bird Feeding 

 A Red Robin Perched on tree branch
Lambs Tails but a closer Shot by Macro.

Thank you for looking

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