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Monday, 25 February 2013

North Wales Wildlife on The coast

This photo shows a raven flying on the little orme 
to the cliffs with a large stick in its beak.

Llandudno Promanade , the sky went really clear as the sun 
started to set.

The Glousious and Beautiful Little Orme as the Sun starts to sets 
the little orme starts to shine.

A Mute Swan at West Shore at Llandudno near by the 
great orme , we were filming them underwater with 
a camera called the go pro.

Sunset on a seagull sat in the pool near by the cafe 
which is closer to the little orme.

 Two Jackdraws at the Great Orme Cafe , one of the jackdaw
I took it when it was gliding through the wind.

A far view from Rhos on sea to the
Little Orme with the calm blue sea and the blue sky and

Also at Rhos on sea there was a few rocks right in front of me
was this Spotted Redshank sat in the Afternoon Sunshine with Sandings,
Oystercatchers, Turnstones and many more on the North Wales Coast.

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