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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Yesterdays Morning Walk in the Countyside

A male Sparrowhawk in flight was trying to hunt on the Duck Feeding Station on my 
local patch that we look after and feed the birds and Mammals.

A Robin Perched on Branch , while the sun was shining and i was standing right 
next it.

Flash the Mute Swan Going to chase the other mute swans 
that have landed in this territory.

A Single Waxwing sat in a Tree on the path nearby my local patch on the 

Only 3 more weeks left till Im going the Llandudno , North Wales 
to the see all the wildlife and also to go kayaking on the sea with the seals.

A Close view of a mink Pouncing on Thick Ice which i saw on the canal , when 
it was on when the Snow was coming down like a Blizzard.

A Jackdraw in my Garden yesterday and is collecting Nesting Materials.

A Young Baby Moorhen in a nest, And another Moorhen chick is just starting to hatch
they sound like sqeaky toys when they call to there parents.

Thanks For Reading and looking

Regards Ryan

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