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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A Great day for wildlife with strong strong winds

I spotted this blackbird outside my house across the road in a tree ,A Male 
Blackbird sat in a nest , it seems really early for them to starting nesting but all the birds 
were calling and very active.

A Grey Squirral sat in a tree looking down at me , because I placed 
my bag on the ground and it wonded what I had.

A Nuthatch in a tree , looking for some inesects that are in the 
cracks of the tree with a blue background.

 Also on the same on the same tree I spotted this Camoflaged on the 
bark of the tree.
My Mute Swan Called Snow Powering through the water and also through the stong 
winds on my local canal. Flash the male mute swan has gone to feed somewhere else where there is plenty 
of food but will be back in the next few days.

Snow the female mute swan Chasing away a young 
Adult Mute swan from here nesting territory.

A close up view of Snow female mute swan on my local canal , she was 
chasing another swans that landed because it was too windy to fly.

 I spotted his on the juvinile and i am worried of it may be on its legs , Any Ideas of what this may be ?

Thank you for Reading My blog 

Regards Ryan

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