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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

tatton park filming and Photographing Red deers and fallow deers.

I decided to go to tatton park with Mike my brother and his friend to take us to Tatton park to film and Photograph the red deers and the fallow deers, I really enjoyed the visit and the weather was a bit windy and a few Showers but i got a few Photographs of them grazing and being chased off.
Here is one of the Photographs that I took when i was Waiting the Fallow deers 
Running around and grazing, This Photograph shows one of the Fallow deer Hind 
Being a bit weary of  us watching and walking around on the path.

This Red Stag Male is Chasing his rivals away from his Hinds, It was not far 
away from us so i quickly moved so it wouldn't chase me.There were about 
5 Young Male Stags Being chased away by this red Adult Male Stag.

This Adult Male Fallow Deer Stag was sitting about 2-3 metres 
away, I was Sitting Right Next to it because it was starting to rain and when the 
rain went off the fallow deer went off to graze.

Two Young red deer Male Stag waiting and watching for a Challenge
These are the two young male red deer stags that where watching us and and also watching where 
the adult male red deer stag was but he went back to protect his large group of Hinds.

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