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Monday, 12 September 2011

Rhyl September 2011 Waders

We arrived at the caravan on Sunday, the weather was warm with blue sky and not much cloud.We Decided to have a rest before we went down to the beach, The sea was calm and the seagulls were all over the place. So we made our way to hortons nose Rhyl  but the road was closed because they were make a big bicycle route over the sea and it will take 12 months to complete so we found a another way round to see if we could find any lizards, But when we started to leave we saw two Lizards Sat on a Stone so we sat on the fence and did a timelapes of the sea coming in closer and the clouds moving really fast.Next we went back to the beach to see if the waders were there and there was about 4 Sanderlings they were really close it was amazing.
A Sanderling Running In Front of me and my Brother.
Here is a Photo of 2 Sanderling on Rhyl Beach By the sea, They were Feeding Right Next To us i had to keep really still.Also the tide was push them closer but some people were walking were they were and they flew off down the other side of the beach.

I took This when i was sitting on the sea wall waiting for the sun to go down 
also we were doing a timelapes of the sun setting down behind the great orme in Llandudno, It was making me all warm and all the waders were flying over the sea e.g Cormorants Flying to there roosts on the great and little Ormes.

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  1. Hi Ryan I have just discovered your blog...
    I have had a lovely browse..great images