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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Spring Surprise in my Garden

Our Pair of Robins in the Garden this morning have been Very Busy 
Building there Nest. I was Excited When I Saw the robins
I had to focus my eyes and Kinda Clapped my
hands. I was able to get next to the robins as they come 
and sit next to you.
 This is Cute The Pair Of Robins together on the 
bird Feeder. Then they went to collecting Nest material 
from moss to leaves and small sticks, But i noticed they were
getting fresh Grass.
 My next Photo show's the Robin with Fresh Grass 
It was flying back and forward i timed it and took 
just 3 seconds just to get more from the hedge.
The pair of robins say hello before they carry 
on Building there nest in the Ivy nest Box.
Back to the Bird Feeder for a quick snack then straight
back to Building.
I love how the robin pecked at the 
small little branches to get some straw. 

I will be doing a daily Blog on these pair over the 
Next Coming weeks. 
This afternoon 
The Blackbirds have Started to Build

Thank-you for reading my Blog-post
Best Wishes 

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