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Friday, 21 December 2012

Swan Nest 12 Moments of 2012 Number 1 Swan Nest

 12 moments Of  2012

I am going to be doing my Top 12 Moments of 2012 and at Number 1 we have the Graceful Mute Swan that I sat next to the nest in my kayak and saw the Cygnets First Hatch and we filmed and photographed when they were going into Juveniles.

Here is a Photo i took of the Female Mute Swan Bonding with her Young Cygnet in the nest , the other cygnets were asleep under her wings but i was amazed how close both adults were letting us sit and they Both accepted us.

An Early morning Sunrise Kayak with our 6 Young Cygnets, this was there 
first ever time on the water , they were coming really close so that we could get some amazing photo's  of them.

 This cygnet was very interesting because when the other cygnets went to feed 
this little one decided to stay with the mother swan.

Adult Male Swan teaching the Young Cygnets how to preen themselves, While the female 
swan went to feed but staying really close to her young chicks.

  The Female swan posing for the camera on the canal , while the cygnets were with the male swan on the nest giving them a lesson how to preen.  
 The Male adult swan and one of the cygnets , slowly getting Bigger .

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Ryan M 
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