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Thursday, 11 October 2012

A trip to Tatton Park , Knusford Cheshire

As I thought on the Friday last week and saw that people had been getting photos of the rut so me and my brother mike thought we would go to Tatton Park every Saturday all day , so we went to Northwich to go Get our breakfast from Gregg's and to go some shopping.

So we had arrived at Knusford but before we headed to Tatton Park to go and see the Red Deers/ Fallow Deer , we went to the shop to get some food and then went straight to the tatton park main entrance, and the Light and the weather was perfect. As me and my Brother went into tatton Park entrance across the castle bridge and headed left onto the path and we saw two male deer stag just sat and enjoying the sun and grazing on the grass. It was amazing because it was quiet but then it just got up and just started Grazing right next to me.

I really Loved this photo i took of a Male Red Deer Stag and also the Background 
 because the sun was Shining and he was just lieing in the grass and i pointed at it because brother just 
walked straight past it , only because he was too busy eating his Sausage and Bacon Bap from Gregg's.

 These Two Red Deer Stags Photos one was down near a lake getting all ferns and
Grass in its Sharping its alters for the rutting Season and the but they were both watching  another stag which was down the hill with his females in a large Group.

 Thanks For Reading 

Ryan M
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