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Sunday, 23 September 2012

My Wildlife Sightings and Photo's

My Wildlife Sightings
187 Canada Geese 
6 Swans 2 Adults 4 Cgynets
2 Adult Swallows 4/5 Chicks 
1 Barnacle Goose 
1 Domestic Goose
2 Kingfishers 
1 Great spotted woodpecker

 Kingfisher I go and watch everyday down on my Local River/ Canal.

One of the 187 Canada Geese that was on my Local Canal.

Second  Swallow Brood with 4 Swallow chicks in there nest under a Bridge , right under the canal , so when canal boats and tourist go past no one see them under there . 

Two Juvinile cgynets - friends for life Got My Photo in the Cheshire Life Magazine October Issue.

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