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Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Peregrine Falcon Encounter on the little orme

A Peregrine Falcon Encounter on the little orme.
It was a hot and sunny cloudy night and we decided to go on sit on the little orme hill right next to the sea and we were sat taking photographs of the hills and the sea and we both saw something behind us land and then take off before we got to the little orme hill we both saw the Peregrine Falcon flying around both of us but i couldn't get my camera out because i needed a new memory card. It was the peregrine that landed behind us and then it landed far back near some rocks unfortunately  I could not get a close photo of it but i got a picture from far away.

This was where me and my brother saw the Peregrine Falcon
It landed right next to us then flew away on the cliffs.

My Camera was Being annoying because i dropped my camera in the sand that why there are 
little black dots but i did not have the equipment with me to clean it.

Thanks Ryan

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