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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Wildlife Trip to Rhyl

As it was getting near to the hoilday me and My brother Mike were getting really excitented because we didn't know what wildlife we were going to see. So as sunday came we put all the stuff in the car and we were off. As we were getting closer to the M6 I saw that there was lots of Dead Badgers and A few Small ones but we were there and the weather was Beautiful but we decided to have a rest for the first day. We went down to the  beach and the Shaylong had come back so we went to sit and have a rest in the sunshine.But Mike couldn't concentrate so  i said lets go down to the dunes to see what we could see.

Down Below are the Wildlife that we saw on the first day-
This wa on a bush on right next to the Rhyl Golf Course I had To keep really 
still to get this shot put there was one that was on the floor but before i knew it my camera ran out of battery.

A Male And female Linnet Having a Sit in the sun And right under them in a pond where there are Common 


This Was when me and Mike Went to the great orme for a Day Trip and when went to greggs and then went to look for a rare Bird And my D50 Camera Was Not Working Very Well so I used My Brother Camera 
Until we got the The Great Orme Cafe.

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