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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wildlife in my Garden.

Today i decided to made a bottle so the robin can access some dry meal worms so i got a large plastic bottle and made a hole in and made two a the top where the bottle lid is. The Robin was aware that i was there he kept on watching where i was standing.
Next I look in the edge to see what mammals were running around i looked down really fast and i saw a young mouse but i couldn't tell what it was and i put some seeds next to a stone and it came really close. But unfortunately the weather was really bad and i didn't have my Camera. So I stood up and look on the bird table and I saw a young Mouse looking right at me but it quick turned it's Head.
Next Post will be about my new Dvd that i will be doing very soon.


  1. really like the robin pic! cant w8 to see ut Dvd!


  2. Thanks Yusuf I will put a new post on soon.