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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A long walk in the country side

Today i decided to go and see if the Buzzard was sat in the tree that is located at my local cemetery but when I got there it swooped of the other direction where I was heading. I decided to get on at the canal to see what wildlife i could see, I carried on walking until I came across a pond and I had a sit down on the bench. 

 I started to carry on walking and went to see what wildlife was on the flashes unfortunately the barnacle geese didn't arrive yet but there was plenty of hungry Canada Geese so I placed some bread on the water and then stood back and they were coming really close but when someone was coming around the corner they would swim back the other way but the swans were not very happy because the canada geese tuke all thge food and they started fighting.

so then i decided to head back home and check if the buzzaud was siting on the tree and my luck came it was sat on the tree at the bottom of the field and i had my camera with me and took at shot before it decided to fly off.

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  1. Thank you for joining my blog and becomming a follower. Your blog is very nice. Of course, I love the bird photos. I laughed at the "Supa" of meal worms!